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    When you lend your ear to Hatay, you can hear its natural beauties, religious elements and cultural richness. You will feel the tears of Daphne in the Harbiye Waterfalls, witness the brotherhood of three religions in the streets of Antakya, and remember Hatay in your memory with the melodies of the Antakya Medeniyetler Korosu (Choir of Civilizations.)

    Harbiye Waterfalls

    The gushing waters of the Harbiye Waterfalls, the homeland of Daphne and Apollon's legend, will take you to a completely different world.

    Azan, Bell and Hazzan

    In the Peace City of Hatay, where three heavenly religions live together, the sounds of azan, bells and hazzan echo together in the streets of Antakya at certain times of the day.

    Antakya Choir of Civilizations

    The melodies sung by the Antakya Choir of Civilizations, which consists of 120 people from six sects belonging to three heavenly religions, convey the message of peace and brotherhood that Hatay has kept alive throughout history. Building a bridge between civilizations based on the universality of music, Antakya Choir of Civilizations offers a musical feast with hymns, folk songs and songs of different cultures to the visitors of Hatay. Do not leave Hatay without listening to the melodies that will touch your heart!