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    Route 1: Faith Route

    With its glorious past that has hosted different religions throughout its history, Hatay will give you the experience of your life with its streets echoing azan, bells and hazzan together. When you see that people from different religious backgrounds live in peace in Antakya, the center of the city, forming a mosaic of religions, you will see that "world peace" is actually possible.

    Antakya is one of the 8 holy centers of Christianity outside of Jerusalem and the Vatican in our country. The presence of the Saint Pierre Church, the world's first Catholic Church, and the Habib-i Neccar Mosque, the first mosque in Anatolia, in Hatay, which is an important center of faith tourism with its mosques and churches, has made this city an important religious center. Şeyh Ahmet Kuseyri Mosque and Ulu Mosque are among the Islamic works worth seeing. Hatay, which has an important place in the history of Christianity, is also one of the four major patriarchate centers. St. Simon StyliteMonastery, Yayladağı Barleam Manastırı ve Keldağı Barleam Monastery are important monasteries that should be visited.

    Route 2: Nature Route

    Hatay is a nature paradise with its Amanos Mountains and plateaus on one side and fertile plains on the other. Hatay, which is one of the important destinations for nature tourism with its biological diversity, thyme fields, green areas, plateaus, lakes and ecotourism opportunities, is also the breeding area of Caretta Carettas and green turtle species sea turtles, which are under protection.

    Route 3: Gastronomy Route

    The harmony of people from different religions and cultures, who have lived in brotherhood for centuries, adorns not only the streets but also the tables of this city. Hatay cuisine has been enriched with the contribution of the fertile soil of Çukurova and it has become a feast table that lovingly presents freshness, naturalness and centuries-old culture.